Wednesday, 30 November 2011

'Research is the key to everything you do'

Today I had a lecture with Dan Civico who is a freelance designer, design consultant, practising artist and also an educator. He has worked on redesigning spaces such as The Tyneside Cinema Bar and also the Baltic Education Space. He was speaking to us today about a presenting technique called Pecha-Kucha. This is a fast paced, creative way of communicating a large range of ideas and thoughts quickly. It is used to give others an insight to your own working methodologies.

'Research is the key to everything you do'

Dan described how important and significant research is to any designs and work being produced. I enjoy researching artists and designers as it broadens my understanding of what is possible to create, and also research is very important to help understand what other designers are creating, and how that will affect fashion. I do not just collect research on the certain subject I am currently working on, I collect anything that interests me. I use a notebook as a research scrapbook where I hold all my research to refer back to. Research deffinately is the key to everything because without it you cannot broaden your understanding and ideas, and develop your own work.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Dye Lab

Today I was using the Dye Lab at CCAD to dye my own fabrics. I mixed my own colours with Procion, Kenanthrol and Ill acid dyes and used a range a fabrics, to test how well the different dyes and techniques worked with each fabric.

I have really enjoyed dyeing fabrics today. The tester size fabrics I have dyed, I am going to use for applique within my work and also keep a record of the colours in my technical file.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Keep a look out

You may have noticed that the background and colour scheme of my blog have changed a few times. I am looking for a theme that relates to me, and something that is unique. If you check back in a few weeks I should (hopefully!) have found one that is perfect for my blog!!

Hand embroidery

This week we continued with our embroidery project, however moved on to hand embroidery. I have really enjoyed hand embroidery however it does take soo long to complete anything. First we began by creating small samples of the different stitches.
Back Stitch                   Satin Stitch
Chain Stitch                 Seeding

We then started using techniques to to create samples with appliqué. It's a really great technique to use to create different textures within embroidery.
Bonded Appliqué

Reverse Appliqué       Shadow Appliqué

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Embroidery- Machine Power

Yesterday morning I started my new project at CCAD, Printed and Embellished surfaces. For the first three and a half weeks I will be working with embroidery techniques to create four final samples. I will then move on to printed surfaces.
First thing in the morning we were introduced to the sewing machines and shown the different settings.
I created a number of samples using the different techniques. I will be using drawings from my Visual Language project to develop my work for this project.
I first used the straight stitch foot to create some samples using straight lines.

I then changed to the embroidery foot and created some detailed drawings.


Monday, 14 November 2011

Vintage Fashion Fair 13th November

It was a great turn out at the fair yesterday, with a mixture of fashion, textiles, ornaments and bits and pieces. The hotel ball rooms were buzzing with excitement and interest about all the gathered items.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Vintage Fashion Fair

I cannot wait to attend this Vintage Fashion Fair on Sunday at The Royal Station Hotel. I believe it has been organised by a past student of CCAD, and can't wait to have a look around at the stalls. I will definitely be updating photographs and information about it. I would definitely recommend going.    

Monday, 7 November 2011

Deadline Day- Part 2

Week four we were in the computers for some of the week to complete some work on photoshop. I have used photoshop a lot in the past and have really enjoyed it, however I have used it for designing in the past, whereas this week we were using it to draw with. We had to colour photocopy some leaves and flowers and then draw what we had on photoshop. I found it extremely hard to get the shapes and the colours correct.
 This week we also completed an A1 board on a Drawing Set. We had to visit a car boot sale or flea market and buy some items to draw. I visited Hartlepool Flea Market which is held on a Thursday. Details can be found here:
We then had to set up the items in an installation and draw them.

Week 5 we continued on photoshop to to create a panoramic drawing. I chose photographs of Hartlepool Church Square to draw on photoshop. First we completed a line drawing, then started to add colour on to the drawing. I really enjoyed this task and found that the end drawing was really effective. I am definitely going to use this technique again.

This week we also did an Archive drawing board. Archive drawing boards are used to record items. They are drawings of the items in a lot of detail from a few different angles.

Week 6 we visited Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle. Most people believe Bowes Museum used to be a privately owned manor house, however it has always been a museum. It holds a large collection of porcelain, furniture, fashion, textiles and paintings. It is a great place to complete primary research and drawings, and I would recommend it to anyone. It is a gorgeous building, with gorgeous items inside:

This week we also created another Drawing set, however this time we had to chose our own items to create an installation with. I decided to use a the subject of a sewing box for my items.

Fingers crossed I will get a good grade, will update my blog when I get my results.                    

Deadline Day

I have been working on a Visual Language project for the past seven weeks, and hand in day is tomorrow. I have used a large range of techniques and materials over the weeks to broaden my ability of drawing. We have been guided each week as to what techniques to use, and also what subject to draw.

Week one we drew leaves and plants with black and white media. We had to do timed drawings, ranging from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, to get used to adding detail to drawings quickly.

Week two I created drawings with alternative drawing techniques; carbon paper, mono-printing, transfer ink and tracing. I really enjoyed competing this task as you could experiment with different sizes and styles. For this work we had to increase our subject area to include flowers.

We also had to complete an A1 board on watercolours.I also had to work with Gouache paint, which I had never used before. I found it difficult to work with to begin with as it was hard to create the right colours and the right consistency. Once I had practised with it, I have found that I really enjoy working with it. Gouache gives a very flat colour, rather than different tones that watercolours would create. You can also layer lighter colours on darker paint without it affecting the tone of the colour.

Week three I had to create an A1 board with all the drawings I had created with the alternative drawing techniques.

We also had a visit out to Hartlepool Marina and Church Square to do drawings. This meant we could increase the subjects that we were drawing.


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Alexander McQueen- S/S 12

I was going to create my first complete post on my own current work, however I have just been completing some research, and found Alexander McQueen's Spring/ Summer 2012 collection. 

'THE first that she’s put on since the Royal Wedding – and only the third since she took over as creative director after Lee McQueen’s death, tonight’s show by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen was yet another brilliant display of everything he taught her and everything she’s done with it.' - Show Report, Dolly Jones

I was browsing through Vogue's show collections and found this collection. I am amazed at the intricate beading on this dress, and think that the silhouette is gorgeous. It really captures the essence of the skeleton designs that were used in some of the past designs. Although the dress is very figure hugging and slimming, the beading and detail in the fabric is so intricate and interesting.


I think this dress is amazing! The shape and structure is fabulous, however when looking closer you can see the intricate pattern, which I think sums up the amazing power of Alexander McQueen. All the collections have a strong element of pattern and strong shapes, and once again the collection has succeeded to combine both brilliantly. 

Check out the collection at