Monday, 7 November 2011

Deadline Day- Part 2

Week four we were in the computers for some of the week to complete some work on photoshop. I have used photoshop a lot in the past and have really enjoyed it, however I have used it for designing in the past, whereas this week we were using it to draw with. We had to colour photocopy some leaves and flowers and then draw what we had on photoshop. I found it extremely hard to get the shapes and the colours correct.
 This week we also completed an A1 board on a Drawing Set. We had to visit a car boot sale or flea market and buy some items to draw. I visited Hartlepool Flea Market which is held on a Thursday. Details can be found here:
We then had to set up the items in an installation and draw them.

Week 5 we continued on photoshop to to create a panoramic drawing. I chose photographs of Hartlepool Church Square to draw on photoshop. First we completed a line drawing, then started to add colour on to the drawing. I really enjoyed this task and found that the end drawing was really effective. I am definitely going to use this technique again.

This week we also did an Archive drawing board. Archive drawing boards are used to record items. They are drawings of the items in a lot of detail from a few different angles.

Week 6 we visited Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle. Most people believe Bowes Museum used to be a privately owned manor house, however it has always been a museum. It holds a large collection of porcelain, furniture, fashion, textiles and paintings. It is a great place to complete primary research and drawings, and I would recommend it to anyone. It is a gorgeous building, with gorgeous items inside:

This week we also created another Drawing set, however this time we had to chose our own items to create an installation with. I decided to use a the subject of a sewing box for my items.

Fingers crossed I will get a good grade, will update my blog when I get my results.                    

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