Monday, 7 November 2011

Deadline Day

I have been working on a Visual Language project for the past seven weeks, and hand in day is tomorrow. I have used a large range of techniques and materials over the weeks to broaden my ability of drawing. We have been guided each week as to what techniques to use, and also what subject to draw.

Week one we drew leaves and plants with black and white media. We had to do timed drawings, ranging from 30 seconds to 30 minutes, to get used to adding detail to drawings quickly.

Week two I created drawings with alternative drawing techniques; carbon paper, mono-printing, transfer ink and tracing. I really enjoyed competing this task as you could experiment with different sizes and styles. For this work we had to increase our subject area to include flowers.

We also had to complete an A1 board on watercolours.I also had to work with Gouache paint, which I had never used before. I found it difficult to work with to begin with as it was hard to create the right colours and the right consistency. Once I had practised with it, I have found that I really enjoy working with it. Gouache gives a very flat colour, rather than different tones that watercolours would create. You can also layer lighter colours on darker paint without it affecting the tone of the colour.

Week three I had to create an A1 board with all the drawings I had created with the alternative drawing techniques.

We also had a visit out to Hartlepool Marina and Church Square to do drawings. This meant we could increase the subjects that we were drawing.


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