Wednesday, 30 November 2011

'Research is the key to everything you do'

Today I had a lecture with Dan Civico who is a freelance designer, design consultant, practising artist and also an educator. He has worked on redesigning spaces such as The Tyneside Cinema Bar and also the Baltic Education Space. He was speaking to us today about a presenting technique called Pecha-Kucha. This is a fast paced, creative way of communicating a large range of ideas and thoughts quickly. It is used to give others an insight to your own working methodologies.

'Research is the key to everything you do'

Dan described how important and significant research is to any designs and work being produced. I enjoy researching artists and designers as it broadens my understanding of what is possible to create, and also research is very important to help understand what other designers are creating, and how that will affect fashion. I do not just collect research on the certain subject I am currently working on, I collect anything that interests me. I use a notebook as a research scrapbook where I hold all my research to refer back to. Research deffinately is the key to everything because without it you cannot broaden your understanding and ideas, and develop your own work.

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