Sunday, 26 February 2012

Manchester Art Gallery

I thought I would upload some images from a recent visit to the Manchester Art gallery. The Gallery is full of a range a items including 17th, 18th an 19th Century art work, Modern and Contemporary and also a range a exhibitions which are only on for limited time periods.

One installation was called 'Wish you were Where?' created by Debbie Goldsmith and Hilary Jack. The installation was of luggage tags with messages on saying where people wish they were. A list of artists and celebrities contributed to the notes, however the rest of the notes were added by visitors. Unfortunately there were no tags available when I visited or I could have added my thoughts. 

Grayson Perry-

Unfortunately this exhibition finished Sunday 12th February, but I really liked this ceramic vase, Jane Austin in E17, by Grayson Perry. I think the quirkiness of the images are really interesting and I think they would work really well as fabric designs. 

Check out the images and information for the above items, and also more information about the Manchester Art Gallery here.

All Images are taken by Nicole Robotham, excluding Bottom Right Images- Use from 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


After my last two projects being based on florals I would have thought I would have had enough of drawing flowers, but my I am really enjoying my latest project! But it is deffinately testing my time management! By the end of this project I will have designed three dress fabrics based on Floral's that is inspired by Couture Fashion.

50 drawings in a day!- HA!

To enable my design process I was given the task of completing 50 drawings in a day. Well to say the least, I did not manage it. Well it's all about quality not quantity with me! I used a range of papers including envelopes, tickets, scrap papers, postcards, post it notes and tissue paper. This meant that I had a range of backgrounds to work on rather than just white plain paper. I also used a large range of materials, to broaden the drawings that I will be able to design with.

Although I did not get 50 drawings done in a day, I made up the numbers in my Self- Directed Study days. I really enjoyed being under pressure to complete this task, as it meant I really paid attention to the flowers, and didn't just draw what I thought they looked like.