Wednesday, 22 February 2012


After my last two projects being based on florals I would have thought I would have had enough of drawing flowers, but my I am really enjoying my latest project! But it is deffinately testing my time management! By the end of this project I will have designed three dress fabrics based on Floral's that is inspired by Couture Fashion.

50 drawings in a day!- HA!

To enable my design process I was given the task of completing 50 drawings in a day. Well to say the least, I did not manage it. Well it's all about quality not quantity with me! I used a range of papers including envelopes, tickets, scrap papers, postcards, post it notes and tissue paper. This meant that I had a range of backgrounds to work on rather than just white plain paper. I also used a large range of materials, to broaden the drawings that I will be able to design with.

Although I did not get 50 drawings done in a day, I made up the numbers in my Self- Directed Study days. I really enjoyed being under pressure to complete this task, as it meant I really paid attention to the flowers, and didn't just draw what I thought they looked like.

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