Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Creative Enterprise

How annoying is it to not have internet at home! I moved house over a week ago and have no signal when I'm in the house, and don't have any internet to use instead!
The past two Tuesday's I have been on work experience with kids from Burnside School and Longbenton Community College to help them on the Gold Stage This Is Creative Enterprise Fashion program.
We are creating dresses for a young classical singer, Shauna Gallon, to wear at events later on this year. It is so scary knowing I am creating a dress for someone to actually wear rather than just for display, when I have never used Fashion Patterns before! But with some brilliant teamwork between myself and Rose, one of my friends from CCAD who is also on work experience, we are really getting there and I am amazed that my dress actually looks like a dress!
There is going to be a final show where all the different courses and levels will display their work, and I know within a few different sections there will be awards given out. You can buy tickets from the link below; I would definately recommend going along and having a look at all the talent young people have from around the North East! I had never heard of this project until I had applied for the work experience placement, and I think it is a really great idea! Luckily when I left Sixth Form I already had a place at Newcastle College on a Foundation Diploma, which helped me realise that Textiles is what I want to do, but many kids don't have a clue! So this projects helps widen their knowledge of certain sectors of the creative industry.
So this is the underskirt that has been sewn together. We need to finish this off and press it.

The dress style that Anna, the student I was helping, chose is a very simple Empire Line dress in red. We decided to add sleeves that were originally from a different dress to ours. Unfortunately it turned out the sleeves are not long enough and do not reach the back of the dress, so we are going to have to ammend them.

This is how our dress looked at the end of yesterdays session. We have a session on Friday to get it finished- eeek!
We have attached lace over the bodice to add extra detail and were thinking of adding lace onto the sleeves as well. At the moment the overskirt is covering the main skirt more than we would like so when we hem the overskirt we are going to ammend it so the slit at the front is more open then it is now. Although it needs tidying up and finished, I am so proud of Anna and myself so getting this far with it, and Shauna (the young girl who is going to be wearing it) seemed to really like it, so fingers crossed!

To take a look at the programme and student profiles click on the linksbelow.

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