Thursday, 12 July 2012

This Is Creative Enterprise- Final Show

This evening was the final show for the Creative Enterprise 2012. It was a great evening, and I loved seeing what all the different subjects had been working on. I also loved the evening because the dress I was helping to make was picked by Shauna Gallon, a young classical singer, to be worn at an event later on in the year! I am so happy about this! When I first signed up to the work experience opportunity, I was really nervous and had no idea how to make a dress! I was so pleased for Anna who I had been helping!

In other news.....

I have just returned from a trip to Fuerteventura with my other half... which was amazing! Safe to say I am not happy to be home in the UK. I found so many interesting things and patterns that I have captured and am going to use in my sketchbook.

Although this picture was completely by accident, I kinda really like it!

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