Friday, 31 August 2012

London- Day 13

It was hectic today at work!! An package had to be ready by 2.30pm to send to the New York studio! This morning I was drawing out leaf silouettes to then bond-a-web on to velvet I had died earlier, to then stick on blue denim jeans. The jeans had been screen printed on to with blue foil. After I had bond-a-web'd the designs to the velvet I realised I had done it in the wrong side!! I couldn't believe I had made such a stupid mistake! I then had to re-dye fabric and draw out the patterns all over again. Eventually after completing that I was given another pair of jeans, that had been screen printed on, to see together. Once I completed that, it was panic stations to try and get everything done for the FedEx man.
My boss then said that I could have the afternoon off, which I was so happy about as I could go and meet Beth and see Buckingham Palace. The flag was flying so Her Majesty was at home!
We then wandered to Oxford Street and down to the brand new Victoria Secrets which has just opened. The store is amazing!! It's gorgeous and huge! They have loads of the outfits and garment from previous fashion shows!
We then headed along to Soho and found loads of gorgeous looking fabric shops which were unfortunately closed so I will deffinately be heading back!!

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