Tuesday, 21 August 2012

London- Day 3

Today was my second day at my placement which went really well again. I was doing 'styling' where I had to sew tops together and finish the edges ready for a trade show in September. At lunch I got talking to the other girls who are also at Tom Cody, about experiences they have had, in particular New Designers, which hopefully I will get to visit next year.

After work I decided to take a wander rather than heading straight back to my flat. Below are just a few of the pictures I took. I got off the tube and London Bridge station and took a walk along with water front and came across Hay's Galleria, which used to be a wharf  around an enclosed dock, which eventually saw 80% of perishable foods pass through. It was absolutely gorgeous with fairy lights and a wonderful water feature in the middle. I continued and came to an open air gallery featuring Tom Stoddart's work. It was really interesting wandering in and out of the pictures and reading the captions. I then headed over London Bridge, and wandered into St. Katharine Dock, which was absolutely amazing! I couldn't believe I had just walked through a single arch from the busy road, into a gorgeous dock full of yachts. 

I love this image of Tom Stoddart. It felt like I was actually standing there with all those people. 


St. Katharine Dock was amazing!

I grabbed a map from an information desk, and it just made me think of the map Joey uses in Friends- the pop up one!

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