Tuesday, 28 August 2012

London- Weekend 1-Part 2

Sunday morning we went to Harrod's and explored every department. I was extremely dissapointed that there were no puppies in the Pet Kingdom! After the Harrod's we walked through Hyde Park which was gorgeous!
We then headed down Bond Street, and ended up walking into the middle of a film set! It took us ages to realise what was actually going on, but we stood and watched a scene from Princess Diana The Movie being filmed! 

That evening we had tickets for The London Eye and The Ice Bar. Which were both incredible!! 

Today at work I continued styling items. I was given this ancient sewing machine to use as the others were all playing up, and although it took me ages to work out how to use it, and then set it up, I loved using it!! I'm really enjoying learning the styling techniques, and learning about the business. 

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