Sunday, 11 November 2012

Kirkley Hall

Well, this week gone I finished my first project of my second year at CCAD. Unfortunately I am unable to blog about it for a little while, but when I can I will definately be telling you all about it! I absolutely loved the project, but was exhausted at the end of it.
A good friend of mine is studying Animal Management at Kirkley Hall, in Northumberland, so today I took a visit as I am wanting to use bird feathers and reptiles to draw for my new project which is Surface Design for Fashion. Hopefully some of my designs will be chosen to be taken to Paris Indigo Trade show in February, which I am hoping to be able to get some work experience on!
Kirkley Hall is an old manor house, which also has a Zoological centre to it, and they house a huge range of different animals. Below are some images I took, and I will upload some images of my work as it progresses during this project!

Check it out here.

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