Friday, 14 December 2012

Surface Design For Fashion

Well we've now broken up from Uni for the Christmas holidays but we still have a lot of work to get done while we're off. I collected a sample of designs that I had digitally printed yesterday- which have come out really well and I am really pleased with them! I am really enjoying my current project and am hoping that some of my designs will be chosen to be taken to Indigo Paris Trade Show, which I am also going to be working at, which will be amazing! I am loving this project however I am soo looking forward to having some time off to relax.

We had a Christmas night in in our flat the other evening, where myself and my flatmate cooked a Christmas dinner for 7 people- what a challenge! We had an amazing night in! Below I have attached some pictures from our flat, and also some of my current work.


 Here are my digitally printed pieces of fabric. I printed them on Cotton Jersey Leon. I was planning on making a top out of one of the middle fabrics, however I have decided that my hand and machine embroidery designs will be more effective then these designs, however I love how well they have come out. I created the design on Photoshop, and then edited the colours and contrast to see how different they could become. The two images on either side were photocopies of Orchids on a photo copier, which I then scanned into Photoshop and edited the colours. I am planning on sewing onto these and appliqueing them onto my designs.
Below is an image of how my work bay is looking at Uni. When we hand in our project we have to display some of our work in the corridor, and I can't wait to display mine as I am going to stick up a lot of my manipulated fabrics and 3D work. Below is a mixture of real leaves, screen printed background, PVA glue painted leaf, photocopies of my work made into 3D orchids, and also machine embroidered leaves. I used this board to start to experiment with how I could create different effects.

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