Thursday, 21 March 2013

Individual Options- Mood Board and Drawings

I'm well underway with my new project now and thought I'd share some pictures of my work.

Also- although I have had twitter for I think over a year... I have only just started using it! So have a look and follow me if your on it... Writteninthread Nicole Robotham

Friday, 15 March 2013

Floral Research

I visited Peter Barratts Garden Centre in Newcastle the other day to collect images for my new project. I collected lots of images of ivy and thorns, which will work amazingly with my theme idea of Brothers Grimm stories. I also collected some images of flowers that I liked. 

How crazy are these?!

I absolutely love these orchids! They look like they have had ink dropped on them. 

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Individual Options

Yesterday I handed in my past project, and discussed my work with a couple of people from Hallmark. I love hearing other peoples thoughts on my work, and hearing what people in the industry think of my work, and hearing their opinions and suggestions. They really liked my Photoshop work, and thought that maybe some embroidered gift tags with that pattern could have worked really well. Three girls from my group were picked for a placement which is amazing!! Four girls from my group were mentioned by Hallmark that they really liked, and they will be keeping their eyes on them! Which again is amazing!

I began researching for my new project today which is individual options- which is a little bit scary! I've decided I want to design a pattern for an interior wallpaper or fabric, which will be screen printed with a multi colour separation. I've been researching what theme or concept I want to focus on, and I think I'm going to look in to Fairy Tales and folklore stories, but interpret the drawings and images in my own way and make a very professional, grown up version of this theme.
Below are some images and articles I have found already.

I still need to find more images to influence my colour scheme, and to create my mood board but I'm glad I have an idea to work towards now!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Surface Design for Gift

Tomorrow is my deadline day for my current project- Surface Design for Gift. Hallmark will be coming into CCAD tomorrow to have a look at our product boards and also our development work. All that is left for me to do before meeting with them tomorrow is to display all my work in the corridor at uni. Below are some images of my work, and I will add another image of my work displayed tomorrow.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Nearly Done!

Deadline day for my current Gift project is on Monday but as I am away at my cousins wedding this weekend I am planning to have it all completed and displayed tomorrow! I have really enjoyed this project however I am really excited to get my new project started!

Below is a poster of an exhibition which is opening 14th March at The Folio Gallery at CCAD, Hartlepool. I am really looking forward to seeing this exhibition as it's one of the tutors I worked on the stand at Indigo with! I'm thinking this exhibition will be a must to see!!

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