Sunday, 28 April 2013

Newcastle College Foundation Diploma

I decided to get out my old portfolio from my Foundation Diploma at Newcastle College to have a look through. It was so weird looking back through old work which I completed over 2 years ago.

I found this notebook that I used as a diary while completing my Final Major Project. It was really interesting looking through it and I think I'm going to use a similar thing for my projects next year. I kept a day to day diary of what I had been looking at and evaluating my work. I also kept a copy of research images and paint samples. 

I really liked how my development pages were laid out with a mixture of research, photographs, drawings and fabric samples. I used to bind my own sketchbooks which I really miss. I used to work on separate pieces of paper, and then bound it all together with samples and print outs.

I was so happy with my final show at Newcastle College. I love presenting my work and displaying it. 

Friday, 26 April 2013

Oasis Competition

I have just entered my first ever competition! I have just used a drawing from my individual options project to create a cover picture for the Oasis Fashion Facebook page... Check it out!

Check out the Oasis Fashion Facebook Page here.

Check out Competition Entries here.

And please check out My Entry here!

Hopefully I'll be able to let you know if I win!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Busy, busy, busy...

Well this past week has been a busy week for me and it hasn't even finished yet! It was my step mums birthday party on Saturday night, then back to college on Monday. It was my professional studies deadline on Wednesday so it was nice to be able to hand that it, just got to wait for my results now.

I've been busy getting on with my individual options project and am really pleased with how I am getting on. I have completed my development painted layout, so I now need to print samples of each colour way with my silk screens. I have also printed with my screens for the first time to see how they look and I'm really pleased! Nervous to see how they look in these colours, and also how my pattern will look in repeat!

I've also been asked to make the invitations for my Uncle's wedding which is very exciting!!

Development painted layout.

My pattern printed on fabric with pigments

My pattern printed on paper with pigments

Monday, 8 April 2013

Work in progress

For my latest project I have decided to creat a furnishing repeat pattern for interiors with 4 colour separations. Below is a picture of my 4 koda- traces in progress. It's the first time I've ever done colour separation so I'm just taking my time to make sure I do everything perfect!
I can't wait to see how it looks printed!!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Plessy Woods

To help with my drawing and design work for my latest project I visited Plessy Woods in Northumberland to collect some photographs and leaves. I love Plessy Woods and can't wait for the weather to become warmer so I can bear to walk around it properly without freezing! Below are some photos from my visit...

Friday, 5 April 2013


As the project I am currently working on is a repeat length of a furnishing fabric, I have planning to produce 4 different A1 Koda Traces to print with. I am just preparing to draw my layout on to graph paper to then put into repeat, but I have been developing my leaf drawings before starting my Koda Traces. I want to make sure I have thought about how each leaf will look once printed before I produce my Koda Traces. However to do this I have drawn each leaf from my layout out 3 or 4 times to experiment with. All I can say is I will be relieved when I will be finished drawing leaves! Below are some images of my development pages, along with the layout I am going to print.