Sunday, 28 April 2013

Newcastle College Foundation Diploma

I decided to get out my old portfolio from my Foundation Diploma at Newcastle College to have a look through. It was so weird looking back through old work which I completed over 2 years ago.

I found this notebook that I used as a diary while completing my Final Major Project. It was really interesting looking through it and I think I'm going to use a similar thing for my projects next year. I kept a day to day diary of what I had been looking at and evaluating my work. I also kept a copy of research images and paint samples. 

I really liked how my development pages were laid out with a mixture of research, photographs, drawings and fabric samples. I used to bind my own sketchbooks which I really miss. I used to work on separate pieces of paper, and then bound it all together with samples and print outs.

I was so happy with my final show at Newcastle College. I love presenting my work and displaying it. 

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