Friday, 3 May 2013

Printed Furnishing Length

Yesterday I printed my 3 metre furnishing fabric length. I'm really pleased with how they have come out- however they are a little brighter than I was expecting. After experimenting with pigmens, acid and reactive pastes, expandyex, flocking and foiling I decided that on my final length I was going to use all illuminating discharges in four different colours- which meant my fabric stank!

I printed the first three screens fine, and then realised that my final screen was blocked from the flock and expandtex I had used on my samples. This meant I had to try and unblock my screen before printing.

I also printed a shorter length with all pigments to then dye after once it had been fixed. Once I had ironed my fabric to fix the pigments, I tie dyed my length with

I would like to thank my good friend Lauren Thomas and the CCAD print technician Vicky Graham for all their help with my prints.


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