Friday, 28 June 2013

New Designers, London 2013

I have just returned from a trip to London to see the New Designers show. After a stressful start (I missed my train!) I was on my way to London, and when I got there I realised how much I love London. I haven't been back since my placement last year and I just loved being back there again. The first thing I did when I got there Wednesday was head to St Paul's Cathedral. I had planned to go last year but never got round to it so this time I was definitely going! Like I thought I would- I loved it! But couldn't get 'Feed The Birds' from Mary Poppins out my head all day!

From St Paul's I walked down and across the river and headed for the Fashion and Textile Museum by London Bridge. Like I had been told by a friend it is a very small museum but it had a really interesting exhibition on about Kaffe Fassett. The colours of the exhibition were all gorgeous- and I loved his drawings.

Thursday morning I headed straight to New Designers in Islington. New Designers is a show held every year for graduates from Universities and Colleges from all around the country to exhibit at. I'm hoping to be able to exhibit next year so wanted to go down and see what it was like. It was fab seeing what other courses produced and see what other students have produced. Very daunting to think that could be me next year! Fingers Crossed!! 

From New Designers I headed for the National History Museum as I never made it to that last year either. I also visited the Royal Academy of Art's degree show in Kensington. There weren't many students that had produced textiles for interiors but there was one student who had used Swarovski diamonds on an interior pattern which was gorgeous! After leaving the degree show I started walking through Hyde Park and found the 



Keep an eye out for a post in the next few days of links to some of the students work I saw on my trip whose work I loved!

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